The primary contributors to this blog are professional women who have, in one way or another, contributed to the success of the Green Mountain at Fox Run program over the last several decades. One has nationally renowned expertise in the fields of nutrition and behavior modification for healthy weights; the others are Green Mountain alumnae and can speak candidly and personally about their successes, failures and awareness about women and their weight.

We wish to welcome you to our blog and hope that you will contribute your questions, thoughts, fears, successes and yes, failures. This place is meant for you.


Marsha Hudnall, MS, RD:

Great Cook
Dedicated Shopper
Visionary Green
Mountain Staffer

In an effort to solve her own weight struggles, Marsha took 'Overachiever' to a new level by obtaining her license as a registered dietitian and then a Master's in nutrition and communication at Boston University. With pen, paper and computer in hand, Marsha became a published author and corporate consultant for several Fortune 500 companies such as General Mills. When Marsha isn't renovating her home, taking the kids to ballet and soccer or cooking up nutritious gourmet delights for her family (although her son won't eat them), she serves as the Program and Nutrition Director for Green Mountain at Fox Run. Her self-described mission? To help women learn to enjoy eating well while achieving and maintaining healthy weights.

Meredith Beckman:

Music Junkie
Laughter Addict

After receiving her Exercise Science degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and finishing an internship with Green Mountain in 2008, Meredith has opted to stay for good. Hailing from Nebraska, she joins the team as Fitness Specialist/Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator. A deep passion for anything creative, she believes in making exercise edgy, fun, and truly fulfilling. From tapping into her inner rock star with an air-guitar performance to turning kickboxing into anger-management, she dares you to tell her rock-and-roll yoga can’t exist. Outside fitness, she’s an avid shower-singer, lover of anything outdoors, and dance enthusiast.

Cindy Bishop:

Compassionate Leader
Good Humored
Occasionally Impatient

Lover of All Things

Fifteen years ago, Cindy rescued her inner athlete and began exercising – not in an effort to battle the scale – but because it made her feel great. At the same time she turned in her ‘dieter’s badge’ and began eating the foods she loved, without recrimination, and finally figured out that diets don’t work! Currently the Associate Director for Green Mountain at Fox Run, Cindy enjoys running, hiking and talking tennis. Her dream is to have great seats at a Grand Slam final.

Laura Brooks:

Cool Techie
Occasional bohemian
Visionary Green

        Mountain Alumnae

After finding Green Mountain, Laura also started to rediscover her inner spirit. Freed from constraints of the diet mentality, she started to redefine her relationship with food and then with herself. Laura happily reports that the journey towards greater self-acceptance has enabled her to experience life with renewed joy and enthusiasm. In her present capacity as webmaster for fitwoman.com, she is proud to help promote Green Mountain's committment to their non-diet philosophy which has served her well.