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March 06, 2009

It Happened This Week: Treadmill While You Work

A new study finds that quick bursts beat steady exercise in blood glucose control, via Diabetes Health.

This is from last week, but I love this post by Workout Mommy comparing skinny versus strong.

If you're trying to curb your drinking, don't watch boozy movies, says Diet Blog.

"One-third of cancer cases could be eliminated if people ate less fat and sugar, exercised more and reduced obesity," reported Canada's CBC News.

U.S. News explains why women in strained marriages are more likely than their male counterparts to have health problems.

Hotel Chatter has the scoop on Marriott's new work stations for business travelers that include treadmills. Do you really want to jog while you're checking your e-mail?

The New York Times reports that the FDA "does not have enough authority to ensure that dietary supplements are safe, and it should seek more oversight power.

Also from the Times, an interesting article: "What's Eating our Kids? Fears About 'Bad' Foods."

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That Time article is great. I've recently had to really curb my diet of Tuna Fish because of the trace levels of mercury that have been found in Tuna. Scary times.

Posted by: Sassy | Mar 11, 2009 5:01:55 AM

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