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July 03, 2008

Healthy Recipe: Red White and Blue Trifle

You'll have lots of free time on Independence Day to enjoy family, friends and fireworks with this 4th of July healthy recipe. I buy the angel food cake, vanilla pudding, and whipped cream premade, but you can make it from scratch if prefer. You can even whip up a trifle faster: the photo on the right shows a version made just with blueberries, raspberries and whipped cream.  Now THAT'S easy! And kids love to help with the layering, so it's a great way to show them that delicious desserts can be a part of healthy eating.  Have a blast!

1 angel food cake
2 packets of vanilla pudding (or equivalent amount of pre-made store bought pudding)
1 pound of strawberries, fresh or frozen
1 pound of blueberries, fresh or frozen
Low fat whipped cream

Make pudding by directions on the box (or use store bought). Thaw fruit if frozen. If fruit isn’t frozen, slice into bite sized pieces and add a tsp of sugar to make juices flow. Cut angel food cake into large chunks. Using a large clear dish, place a layer of cake chunks onto the bottom of the container. Top with a layer of strawberries, then a layer of pudding, cake chunks, blueberries, pudding - repeat until you reach the top of the container. Finish with a topping of low fat whipped cream.

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