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June 17, 2008

Healthy Living - The Message of Massage

882274_physical_therapyI’m always surprised to learn how many women have never had a real massage. Often times (certainly not always), this reaction to massage is due to issues around self and size acceptance.  Most of us spend a lot of time and consideration disguising our lumps and bumps, only to visit a perfect stranger, disrobe (you don’t have to by the way), and let them go where no man has gone before – even if you’ve begged him to!  If legitimate shyness is keeping you from having one of the most wonderful experiences in your life, consider this:

• Massage reduces stress
• Massage provides general relaxation
• Massage reduces muscle tension throughout the body    
• Massage can relieve acute and chronic pain 
• Massage can promote recovery from muscle fatigue and from minor aches and pains
• Massage reduces swelling
• Massage improves blood circulation 
• Massage can increase oxygen capacity of the blood
• Massage induces better lymph movement 
• Massage can increase mobility and range of motion of joints
• Massage stimulates or soothes the nervous system 
• Massage can enhance the condition of the skin
• Massage can assist with better digestion and intestinal function 
• Massage can aid in improving physical health and the quality of life
• Massage feels really GOOD!

There are other benefits you can receive from regular massage. Read more about massage therapy at Holistic.com.

You can also get more information about massage, therapies, techniques and what to expect from a credited massage therapist at The American Medical Massage Association.

Source: (Benefits of massage) Holisticonline.com.

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I had my first massage a couple of weeks ago and I found it kind of painful. I liked having my arms and legs massaged, but having my back and shoulders massaged hurt.

Posted by: susan | Jun 20, 2008 12:49:40 PM

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