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April 18, 2008

Weight Loss: Bad Carbohydrates Are Not The Enemy

Many weight loss programs like NutriSystem and low carb diets like Atkins are still perpetuating the myth about 'bad carbs vs. good carbs.'

The Glycemic Index

"The description of carbohydrates as 'good' or 'bad' is based on glycemic index, a measure of the quality of the carbohydrate in terms of how much it raises blood sugar. Foods having a high GI are generally thought to be 'bad'because they raise blood sugar more than 'good' carbs do. Proponents of the glycemic index claim that this leads to excessive insulin secretion, which can cause weight gain and health problems." (Medical News Today)

"That's Just Nonsense," says University Professor Glenn Gaesser.

A professor of exercise physiology and director of the kinesiology program in the Curry School of Education, Gessar has extensively analyzed studies on carbohydrate consumption.  He firmly states tha eating white bread, the occasional doughnut won't kill you, or even lead to obesity.

In an article in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Gaesser reviewed several hundred articles and large-scale scientific studies on carboydrate consumption, body weight and glycemic index. Gaesser found that "people who consume high-carb diets tend to be slimmer, and often healthier, than people who consume low-carb diets." He also believes there is no compelling data to suggest that carbohydrate avoidance helps to prevent type 2 diabetes, heart disease or cancer. Even high-glycemic foods have a place in the diet, he said, attributing that to the overall higher quality of a high-carb diet, which includes more fiber-rich and other nutritional foods.

"There is no reason to be eating fewer carbs -- they're not the enemy," says Gaesser.

Carbs and weight loss

Dr. Manny Alvarez from Fox News, reports that recent studies show there are many healthy benefits to eating carbs, and that some carbs like potatoes and beans contain a 'resistant starch' that can help the body lose weight. Click on image below to view video.

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I completely agree with the fact that high glycemic indexed foods have their place in the diet, however you don't want to make these types of carbs your main focus, as it states that the "occasional doughnut or white bread is not going to kill you or make you fat." A lot of lower GI foods contain a good amount of fiber which helps to curb appetite. There is also a big difference between naturally occurring simple carbohydrates found in fruits and simple carbohydrates from refined sugars/foods such as candy, soda, white bread etc.

Posted by: Nate Atkins | Apr 27, 2008 4:49:26 PM

This is the stupidest thing I've read recently.
Read 'Good Calories Bad Calories' by Gary Taubes.
Everyone but medical researchers know that refined carbohydrates make you fat.

Posted by: GRN | Aug 8, 2008 8:31:31 AM

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