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April 29, 2008

Shapely Bodies -Same Old Story Same Old Hype

110104_bikini_1This time of year I envision magazine editors all across America temporarily filing away their 'Top 20 Summer Dieting Tips', only to be churned out again next year, with the same old weight loss promise of ‘Miracle Bikini Butts by Memorial Day!’ 

Although their first reaction might be ‘gimme a break!’, too many women read these covers and, against their better judgement, pick one up just in case they too might ‘Lose 20 Pounds In One Month By Eating 10 Fat Burning Foods’, or whatever tempting misinformation is taunting them. 

The Canadian website, Media Awarness Network published this excerpt from an article, ‘Beauty and Body Image in the Media’:

“Researchers report that women’s magazines have ten and one-half times more ads and articles promoting weight loss than men’s magazines do, and over three-quarters of the covers of women’s magazines include at least one message about how to change a woman’s bodily appearance—by diet, exercise or cosmetic surgery.”

Some of the biggest weight loss hype comes from the diet pill industry. Is it my imagination or are diet pills advertised by actors posing as medical authorities on my television almost every 10 minutes?  The FTC does seem to be taking notice, although, nothing much seems to be happening. If anything, advertisments for weight loss drugs seem to be on the rise.

For more interesting reading on the subject of women and advertising, pick up, Deadly Persuasion – Why Women and Girls Must Fight the Addictive Power of Advertising’ by Jean Kilbourne

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Yup, it's always the same old stuff, especially geared towards women...always revolving around that mythical bikini. Good health is about everyday not swimsuits.

Posted by: Zayna | May 2, 2008 5:20:45 PM

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