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February 18, 2008

Diabetes: Hispanics Have More Difficulty Controlling Type 2 Diabetes/Diabetes Than Non Hispanic Whites

Results of an analysis of multiple studies show type 2 diabetes and diabetes control is more challenging for Hispanics than non-Hispanic whites, according to researchers at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and colleagues.

The results revealed that Hispanic patients with type 2 diabetes have approximately 0.5 percent higher levels on a test that measures blood sugar control, called the A1C test, than non-Hispanic white patients. The researchers noted the consistency of these findings across the studies.

An A1C test measures hemoglobin linked with glucose, or blood sugar, over a time period of two to three months. Higher A1C values indicate type 2 diabetes patients have difficulty controlling their blood sugar.

The results of the "meta-analysis" are reported in the February issue of Diabetes Care.

"A high percentage of Hispanics in this country have low incomes, no health insurance, and limited access to health care," said Kirk. "The Hispanic population has a high prevalence of [type 2 diabetes] and higher A1C than non-Hispanic whites. This further elucidates the health disparities that characterize the Hispanic population."

Read full article in Medical News Today. More information for Hispanics with diabetes may want to read "Prevengamos la diabetes tipo 2. Paso a Paso" ("Let's prevent type 2 diabetes. Step by Step") - a campaign from the National Diabetes Education Program.

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