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December 18, 2007

Holiday Treats Are Meant To Eat - Mindfully!

412245_christmas_candyWe’re officially in the middle of December and that means houses and office buildings across our land are filling up with yummy holiday treats. Fudge, frosted cookies, peanut brittle, baklava, brownies and candy canes, just to name a few. You name it, it’s out there.

If you’re at all like me, you're bound to be experiencing a little stress around holiday eating. Having all those tempting treats right under your nose can put even the strongest resolve to the test. Here are a few things you may want to think about: (note to self!)

• Traditional holiday goodies are a good thing! They’re part of what makes the season special, don't be afraid to indulge.
• Eat treats when you really want them. Not just because they're there.
• Give yourself permission. No sneaking!
• Sit down. Be mindful. Savor the experience.
• Taste what you’re eating. If you’re not crazy about fruitcake, leave it be, eat something that really rocks your boat.
• Put closure on your eating. Treats are just that - a treat – not a substitute for lunch!
• Make it count. Indulge in special holiday treats only in conjunction with a healthy diet. Don't skip or skimp on meals because you had a piece of fudge!
• Rejoice in the season.

Happy Holidays!

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Posted by Cindy on December 18, 2007 | Permalink


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Great post Cindy!

There are two points above that really stand out for me.

Give yourself permission . . . I think this one is really important. If I don't give myself permission, but temptation gets the better of me, I end up spiralling out of control and end up on a three day junk fest before I get my will power back. No kidding!

If you’re not crazy about it, leave it be . . . again another excellent point. Once I give myself permission, I'll only eat what I really fancy. Then I know that anything else will not be as satisfying.

Posted by: Paul Evans | Dec 18, 2007 1:39:47 PM

Hi Paul. Thanks for your post. Yep, like I said, 'note to self'. ;-) Can't say these things too often. I still try to practice what I preach every day.

Happy holidays to you.

Posted by: Paul | Dec 19, 2007 7:19:48 PM

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