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August 08, 2007

Healthy Weight Loss: Asking for Help

835334__life_beltA commenter on one of my recent posts on relapse prevention talked about the need to reach out for more support than she currently has. She’s right to reach out. Support is one of the top predictors of success in achieving change. Many of us don’t have enough of it. We feel like we are going it alone in trying to achieve our healthy weight loss goals. And we often are. One of the big reasons is that many people in our society still don’t understand that diets don’t work, and that healthy bodies come in all sizes.

The commenter said that reading this blog was one way she was getting support. But what about getting support from those around us? On her excellent website Nourishing Connections, Green Mountain consultant Karin Kratina, PhD, talks about how “it is human nature to need company, connection, empathy, understanding and support. She says if these needs aren’t met for a period of time, we develop coping mechanisms, one of which is emotional eating. If we want to let go of emotional eating, the first step is compassionate self care to meet those needs. Often, this means asking for help.”

She then goes on to discuss how asking for help isn’t the easiest thing to do. But the potential rewards are great. “As our needs are tended to, our need for emotional eating decreases. As we ask for help and risk developing nourishing connections with others, we transform not only our relationship with ourselves and others, but with food as well. And these long-term benefits are well worth the risk.”

We hope this blog provides valuable support, but also encourage you to acknowledge your needs and ask those around you to help you meet them, if necessary. That may mean education – teaching others that what you need isn’t another diet but the freedom to make your own choices.

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This article reminded me of a great TV show that I watch. It's HGTV's Fun Shui. In an up coming episode the host Stephanie McWilliams helps a woman re-design a room in her home to combat stress and become more healthy (i think they mean loose a little weight but don't want to phrase it that way)
Anyway I'm hoping the episode will show how to work together to improve our lives.

Fun Shui Friday at 9:30pm et

I included the Host's personal website url because i went on there and discovered that she is not only aFeng Shui expert but a Holistic healthcare practitioner!!

Posted by: Tanya | Nov 6, 2007 4:07:34 PM

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