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July 18, 2007

Healthy Eating - Moderation vs All or Nothing

I can’t ignore the fact that some foods just don’t agree with me anymore. I try to ignore it, let me tell you! I give them up (gluten and dairy) for a little while and then re-introduce them right back into my diet hoping that this time they won't bother me. But they always do - eventually.

I’m not giving them up because I think they’re bad, I just don’t tolerate them well. Either way, I miss them. And it's the 'missing them' part that can become troublesome. It's how I start to think about these foods when I realize I can't have them that plays with my emotions and can turn a healthy respect for sour dough bread into an obsession!

I find that recognizing why I crave them helps to take away some of the desperation and urgency around having to have them. Normally, there is something very powerful about allowing yourself to feel no food is off limits. But, when a particular food or foods really do become off limits, what do you do?

For me, I think coming to terms with how much importance you place on certain foods begins to take some of the power away and gives it back to you.  Prior to my ‘restrictive diet’ period, I would allow any and all of these foods in my diet and still manage my weight pretty effectively.   

I guess all I’m saying is, if you find yourself craving foods that you feel are trigger foods or foods that are bad for you, try and think about them differently. No one food ever made anyone fat - in moderation. It's finding that balance that's the key.

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