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April 02, 2007

Building Self Esteem in Children

Rockwell_mirrorNo parent is perfect and none of us gets through life without someone we love hurting us with their words, but aren’t parents supposed to be our protectors? Not just in body but in spirit? Isn’t the primary responsibility of a parent to develop strong, confident and loving children? Helping to build self esteem in a world that is ready to tear them down for the slightest cultural infraction like unacceptable clothing, the wrong colored hair, freckles or a little extra weight is the least any of us can do.

It amazes me when I read how some parents can degrade their children. This weekend I read that Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, admitted on British television  that her mother, Susan Barrantes, who passed away in 1998, made her feel like an "ugly monster." Sarah said that she felt "fat and hideous" as a child because her "staggeringly beautiful" mother told her not to look in mirrors because she was "ugly."

Sarah admitted, "I have a very bad body image still. I never feel good about myself. I was brought up to believe that I was this monster and that I was given to my mother by the postman." She also confessed she turned to food when her glamorous mother left to start a new life in Argentina and blamed herself for her Dmp2020sarah20ferguson20dutchess20o departure. She said, "I thought, I won't say anything to anyone because otherwise they'll get upset. What I'll do is eat my feelings, so I suddenly ate my life and I became a compulsive eater from the age of 12 and squashed my feelings."

Even now, Sarah, 47 and the mother-of-two, who is a Weight Watcher’s spokeswoman, says she still struggles with body image issues.

There are no class barriers to ignorance and cruelty.

Source: AHN (Headline News)

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