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December 20, 2006

Om for the Holidays

Harmony I’ve mentioned before that I subscribe to a daily e-letter from www.dailyom.com.  The emails go into my spam box every day because my computer isn’t working right, and I can’t add the address to my allowed senders list.  But I faithfully go into the spam folder each day to permanently delete junk mail, and drag the ‘daily om’ to the folder I’ve made for them.  Most of the time I don’t read them, but when I do, I am continually amazed that when I apply what they say to my life, I get really positive results.

Yesterday’s email had to do with “Inspiring Harmonious Solutions.”  It was about getting along with people.  What a great topic for this time of the year.  Coping with people -- especially family members -- can challenge even the best of us.  Oy, the stress!  But I put the message to work with a family member I’ve been struggling with a bit, and lo and behold, our interactions turned around for the better!

Do something good for yourself today.  Sign up for your ‘daily oms.’  Like me, you don’t have to feel compelled to read them each day.  But when you feel you need help, like me, you may find they give you a small idea that can reap some pretty big benefits.

Hope your holidays are going great!

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