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September 04, 2006

Stumbling on Happiness

CoverminiFor for those of us who still allow ourselves to believe that losing a few pounds will automatically bring us the happiness and joy we seek, may want to stop and rethink why.

I’m currently in the middle of a very good book. Usually I wouldn't recommend a book before I was finished reading it, but I’m enjoying it so much I thought I’d pass it along. The book, Stumbling on Happiness, written by Daniel Gilbert, Harvard professor of psychology, is an interesting look at how our mind works. More specifically, how we decided what will make us happy and our misguided attempts at achieving happiness.

Stumbling on Happiness isn’t about how to get happy. It’s really about our attempts to plan ahead in an effort to be happy in the future and never really getting there. It is the antithesis of so many self-help books that offer the meaning of life. Gilbert isn’t trying to tell us how to find joy, but why so often our search may be erroneous. With humor, wit and a down to earth approach, he takes the high road and speaks eloquently about the human mind and its quirks. If you have room for one more read this summer I highly recommend this lovely book.

Gilbert also has a wonderful blog which you can visit here.

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