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August 07, 2006

Come On, Just Humor Me!

Laughter has been shown to lower blood pressure, relax the body and mind, protect the heart, and boost the immune system. It also is a wonderful coping tool for everything, especially our struggles with food, exercise  and body image. Learning to use humor can help with your food issues, but can also make you a strong presence in personal and business situations. Feeling confident with humor leads to increased self-confidence, better public speaking skills, and adds to your joie de vivre.

Just Humor Me - with Josie Leavitt*
Week of September 24th, 2006
Josie Leavitt, Green Mountain alum, stand-up comic and comedy tutor will coach interested participants on how to perform stand-up comedy during this special week. If you choose, the week will culminate in a performance for your fellow Green Mountain participants.

During the Just Humor Me sessions, participants will learn how to…
• write a joke
• turn any situation into one filled with humor
• present what they've written in their own unique style
• perform a five-minute stand-up comedy routine (if they choose to perform at the end of the week)

Call (800) 448-8106 or email us [email protected] for more information on Just Humor Me, or go straight to our reservation page.

*Josie Leavitt currently performs stand-up to sold out shows all over Vermont and New England. Before moving to Vermont, she did stand-up for a living in New York City at Caroline’s, the Comic Strip, Don’t Tell Mama, The Comedy Cellar, and Stand-up NY, where she won the contest for Funniest West Sider. She also performed on the Midwest college circuit. Josie teaches stand-up comedy performance classes at the Flynn Theatre’s Education Arts in Burlington, Vermont.


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