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June 14, 2006

The Mind and Body Connection

(This post submitted by CeBe for Marsha Hudnall)

My husband and I are off today for a week-long rest with family and friends, enjoying warm weather, ocean and related activities of an all-inclusive resort that’s made for relaxing.  At least we hope it will be relaxing.  We’re taking our two teenagers and two of their friends….’nuf said.

Anticipation of the trip has gotten me to thinking about the necessity of taking time off and making the most of it . I’m at a low ebb right now.  School is almost out, and it has been a tough year for both my kids.  Of course, that means it was tough for my husband and me, too.  And it has been a while since we’ve had a real vacation – one that’s just about unwinding.

Doing this is a way of feeding our bodies, ourselves.  It’s a different kind of nourishment that starts with our minds.  A true vacation is about letting go of the demands of our busy lives, putting them all on the back burner, and tuning into the now.  Which, on vacation, I want to be about letting go of worries and the subsequent tension, having fun, treating my body well with food I enjoy and that makes me feel well while moving my body in the course of activities that, again, feel good and I’m having fun doing. (Sounds like a trip to Green Mountain at Fox Run.  Also sounds like a good prescription for daily living.)

The ultimate result of this type of nourishment is food for the soul.  I expect to return from my trip re-energized, looking forward to what life brings.  But that’s not what happens for lots of folks – a Gallup poll questions whether vacations really help most people.  It suggests that most people return more tired from their vacations.  An article on about.com gives a few tips for making sure you don’t, such as:

• Don’t wait until the last minute to pack.
• Visiting family is nice but often not relaxing.  Spend at least part of your vacation in a setting that will help you relax.
• Aim for a full night’s sleep every night.  If your pillow is important to your sleep, bring it.
• Leave the laptop at home.  If you can do it, don’t even leave contact info for the office.
• Balance your life with your vacation.  If your life is hectic, go for a relaxing time; if your life is fairly idle, perhaps a more active vacation is just what you need.

It’s June.  If you haven’t planned a summer vacation, consider it.  There’s no time like the present, and there’s no present like time.

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