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June 13, 2006

Fat Is As Fat Does

2004a0006p1mdI've had this theory - Fat is All Relative - but have always had trouble describing it in a way that someone can really get the meaning and nuances that I'd like to convey. Even if I can't describe it theoretically, I can show examples of what happens with this attitude.

For example, have you ever seen pictures of yourself in your teens or twenties - a time when you just knew that you were SO "FAT" - and had your jaw hit the ground when you realized that you were actually "thin." Or when you describe yourself to someone as "huge" or "really overweight" only to see that you're size 12 body was rather small compared to the size 20 that was meeting you. It is all relative, unless you start to clean up your language.

As I said in my Good vs Bad food post, ambiguous language is both useless and harmful. If we train ourselves to start accepting and describing our situations factually ("I wear a size 22" should be a fact just like "I wear glasses" or "I like purple") we not only have a better sense of who we are, unlike when we think of ourselves with the ambiguous "big" or "fat."

I was playing around on the internet and came across "Googlism" which is billed as ""If you want to know if you're an idiot, geek, moron, stupid, funny, classic, workaholic or rich: Use Googlism."

This is what Google thinks about "fat" - if this doesn't prove that "fat" has no definition, nothing will!

Googlism for: fat

fat is spreading
fat is not a hedonist issue
fat is a capitalist
fat is a
fat is beautiful
fat is your city?
fat is not a felony
fat is for wimps
fat is fabulous
fat is a statement
fat is good
fat is zero ~ newsroom ~
fat is fat?
fat is not a four letter word
fat is a feminist issue
fat is too fat 08
fat is indicator of heart disease risk in
fat is your pipe?
fat is
fat is too much?
fat is too fat?
fat is where it's at
fat is as fat does
fat is not a feeling
fat is important for
fat is okay?"
fat is fine?
fat is beautiful'
fat is fine"
fat is good for you
fat is all our fault
fat is your pipeline?
fat is in your children's food and why you should care?
fat is created equal
fat is a problem?
fat is hell'"
fat is one of life's essentials
fat is in our food?
fat is evolutionary?
fat is new hat
fat is fun furturnity
fat is good kind
fat is tons o' fun
fat is ok?
fat is where it's
fat is a capitalist issue
fat is in the fi
fat is in your chips
fat is bad
fat is the question by len lopez
fat is cleveland poll
fat is necessary to stay lean & profitable
fat is dangerous
fat is as fat does"
fat is important
fat is not necessarily
fat is the enemy of heart health
fat is the fat
fat is fat article
fat is fun
fat is a fatuous issue while the west hand
fat is beautiful peterjon cresswell finds bite
fat is back
fat is the solution
fat is for wimps september 19
fat is not all bad
fat is zero cspi says report makes case for including trans on food labels
fat is stored in your body chylomicrons do not last long in the bloodstream
fat is more fattening than carbohydrates or protein
fat is bad a study billed as the largest of its kind has found more evidence that being obese can reduce your life expectancy
fat is not a four letter word by sue gilbert
fat is a feminist issue is one of the
fat is not your fault
fat is too fat
fat is only ugly until you put a nipple on it
fat is indicator of heart disease risk in children
fat is your pipe? they say that everyone is created equal
fat is too much? there is general agreement that we shouldn't take in more than 30% of our calories as
fat is too fat? fitness
fat is bad for your health
fat is as fat does cal thomas
fat is important for determining fitness
fat is out
fat is okay? nutritionists recommend that no more than 30% of calories should come from fat
fat is the right fat? part i
fat is fine? by nanci grayson
fat is fine
fat is good for you saturated animal fat there are some people who believe that the world is flat
fat is your pipeline? that is
fat is spreading around the globe february 19
fat is in your children's food and why you should care? heart disease manifests in adulthood
fat is hell" elcee
fat is in our foods? today the levels of trans fatty acids in food fats vary around the world from very low to much
fat is evolutionary? september 09
fat is fun furternity to put on a carnival
fat is fun furternity carnival
fat is awful and evil and must be destroyed? i'd read
fat is good kind by gannett news service posted
fat is being miserable and so much more
fat is found mainly in meat
fat is everywhere
fat is 100% free to shine in all its glory
fat is a manifest tissue
fat is a fatalist issue
fat is not a dirty word
fat is where it is at
fat is a capitalist issue the overwhelming majority of obese people are victims of the crushing social and economic forces that deny us control of our time
fat is in the fire
fat is a spiritual issue
fat is in your chips? introduction
fat is the question learn how stress
fat is necessary to stay lean & profitable
fat is not your fault by carol simontacchi
fat is important for determining fitness weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish between pounds
fat is not necessarily good fat americans are still gaining weight using low fat substitutes
fat is fat? christa finn
fat is not a four
fat is the number one control
fat is it? for the uninitiated
fat is frequently used in a broad sense to include all categories of fats and oils listed below

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