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June 30, 2006

A Bushel of Blueberries A Day, Keeps Mariah’s Wrinkles Away

It’s Friday and I’m in the mood to keep it light. Ok, what’s the newest dieting news coming out of Hollywood?  It has been reported that Mariah Carey who just recently lost about 32 pounds on a diet she and her nutritionist coined ‘the morsel diet’ (dieting on morsels consisting of only bland soup and fish), has now instructed her nutritionist to prepare only purple foods to be consumed 3 days a week. Why, you ask? Because she believes that eating purple foods such as blueberries, plums, grapes and raisins will help her keep the wrinkles away. (Isn't that what botox is for? Just kidding!)

Now, it’s true that many fruits contain powerful antioxidants that are very nutritious, but leave it to a Hollywood celebrity to take this concept to its most ridiculous conclusion. Apparently, Ms. Carey believes that a huge injection of purple foods in one go makes a powerful weapon against ageing (the worst possible thing that could happen to a supernova star), because purple food can prevent the breakdown of collagen and slow the wasting away of muscle tissue.

Maybe there’s scientific evidence of this, but I couldn’t find any.

So, what’s the message in all this? 1) Mariah may be a little cuckoo, and 2) bright purple foods might just be  good for you – in moderation. So, what the heck, when you’re out picking up groceries for the long holiday weekend - pick up some grapes, blueberries and a few plums. They won’t turn you into a multi-Grammy winning songbird, or immediately stave off the ravages of time, but boy they sure do taste good!

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