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May 08, 2006

One Brownie Never Made Anyone Fat

Most of us who have visited Green Mountain at Fox Run have heard this pearl of healthy eating wisdom before.  And why do we understand this concept? Because we’ve lived it successfully many times.  When we diet by restricting certain foods and calories until we can’t take it anymore - we tumble down the slippery slope of deprivation right into a vat of cookie batter.

I was reacquainted with the brownie analogy recently, because I was forced to battle with some dietary restrictions that were beyond my control. Over the last couple months I could only tolerate very low fat and at times non-fat fare. Foods that were easily digestible (can we say fresh fruits and vegetables?) and in small portions. These restrictions were placed upon me prior to some surgery – not because I chose them for myself or because I was trying to lose weight.

Now that the surgery is over and I’m regaining my appetite, what I am experiencing is that old familiar feeling - food cravings - foods, which years ago, I would have labeled as ‘bad’.  Although, I no longer buy into the good/bad food theory, I can’t stop thinking about them. I am craving…

Salty chips (from my favorite Mexican restaurant)
Chocolate (does it matter?)
Cake (or chocolate cake!)
Spare ribs (slow cooked and messy)
Chili hot dog (or corn dog, preferably bought from a carney at the fair)…huh?
Cashews (by the handful)
Cheese! (preferably melted on everything)

So, what’s wrong with any of these foods? Nothing, really, but you can see how I’ve begun to glamorize them. Obviously, some may not be the healthiest food choices, but none that couldn’t be integrated into a balanced diet w/ little or no harm and in moderation.  Its how I’ve started to think about them and how I approach desiring them that’s important.

There is something very powerful in allowing yourself to feel no food is ‘off limits’. It takes the power away from the food and gives it back to you.  Prior to my ‘restrictive diet’ period, I would allow any and all of these foods in my diet and still manage my weight pretty effectively.   


Let’s be honest, one brownie never made anyone fat. Its how we feel about never having one again that’s at issue. So go ahead, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your favorite high fat, high caloric treat once and awhile. I bet when you give yourself permission to do so – you’ll actually enjoy it – and you won’t care nearly as much about the next one.

PS: If you’re going to have a brownie – have a good one and check out these websites:


*Picture of brownie serving courtesy of www.MyHomeCooking.net

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How about low cal, low carb brownies? Do those exist? (To exist I mean they have to be a regular size, not the size of a radish)

Posted by: Jane | May 9, 2006 12:42:52 AM

I’m sure they exist. For a while every product on the planet was being made in a ‘low carb’ version. Low carb alternatives might be a little harder to find these days since companies appear to have given up much of their marketing efforts around low carb as they watched the boom take a dive.

In order to control portion size and content, you can always make your own brownies from scratch. Or if you don't want all those treats around the house, we recommend going out and buying a very high quality, delicious fresh baked brownie (if they only offer jumbo size, eat just half). Eating what you really want on occasion is really a key to successful weight management.

There is significant evidence that if you satisfy your desire to have a yummy desert (like a brownie), that tastes great and is really what you want, you’re a lot less likely to over indulge in something much less satisfying – like a low cal, low fat, low carb, knock off.

We recommend sitting down with your favorite dessert and eat it slowly with NO guilt, relishing every mouthful, because you’ve given yourself permission to do so. It’s OK, you’re allowed. Listen to your internal cues. When you've had enough, put closure on it. If you want the whole brownie, eat it. Then you can move on with your day – GUILT FREE!

If you’re looking for recipes, I would start by linking to any of the sites on our blog under ‘healthy recipes’ and just type in ‘brownies’. Perhaps start with the ‘Cooking Light’ website at http://www.cookinglight.com

Good eating, Jane, and thanks for stopping by!

Posted by: Cindy | May 9, 2006 6:41:20 PM

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