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November 16, 2005

‘Tis the Season, Part II

Yesterday I spent the morning on the telephone, trying for the fourth time to get a serviceman out to fix my NEW built-in microwave, and trying to get help with a problem I’ve having with my NEW computer. I won’t go into the ugly details but needless to say, when I hung up after about an hour of fruitless effort, I was just the teeniest bit stressed.

Now this really isn’t groundbreaking news, but that kind of stress just isn’t good for us. For example, last month, Psychosomatic Medicine published a study showing tension increases the incidence of heart attacks and death among men; for women, it was anxiety that stood out as the problem.

I bring this up because of the coming holidays. During this time of supposed celebration, many of us find ourselves dancing with unhealthy stress for the entire season. How many times have you heard someone say (or heard yourself say), “I can’t wait until the holidays are over!”? What’s more, unhealthy stress can lead to all sorts of unhelpful responses….snapping at our loved ones, headaches, exhaustion, a few too many Christmas cookies eaten not out of physical hunger….

If you’re on the mailing list for the Green Mountain print newsletters Update, our next issue (being mailed this week) lists ways we can diffuse the stress of the holiday season. A sneak peek at some of stressbusters mentioned (there’s much more in the actual newsletter):

  • Laugh more
  • Slow down
  • Breathe
  • Stop feeling guilty
  • Let go of grudges
  • Pick your battles
  • Exercise
  • Do less
  • Be with friends
  • Go outside
  • Take breaks
  • Work less
  • Go home on time
  • Make your job fun
  • Delegate
  • Play

The Update, which will be posted online in the next week or so, can help you with managing binge eating, mindful eating, and staying on track with your healthy weight loss program. Look for it in the mail, or download it for a quick read that we hope will help you make this holiday season happy for everyone, including you!

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