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August 08, 2005

With Age Comes Wisdom - Another Weight Lifted

Body image is so tricky. If you have a healthy one – God bless you! 

How many of us can claim to have a realistic perception of what we look like on any given day?  If you’re experiencing a bad hair day, you think your pants are too tight, or you realize that today when you look in the mirror your mother is smiling back at you, you’re probably allowing your body image to dictate how you move through the world.  Having struggled with my weight and consequently my own self image a good part of my life, I know I have.

I’d be dishonest if I didn’t admit I get melancholy when I think about saying goodbye to my youth, but, like most things, its keeping life’s journey in perspective that prevents us from going off the deep end.  Life is short.  How much time do we want to waste trying to live up to an unauthentic perception of ourselves?

As I get older I care less about how I look and much more about how I feel.  Am I healthy?  Do I feel strong and limber?  What about endurance? Can I get through my day with a reasonable amount of zip and zest? Am I controlling my stress so that I’m able to enjoy my work and the people in my life?  These are much loftier goals in my view and infinitely more challenging because I can no longer take any of them for granted.

So, is all the fuss over body image important in the scheme of things?  I think it is if your self-image is healthy and unwavering – because only then can you let it go. What I realize as I say goodbye to my 40’s, is that if I work on all the things I’ve mentioned above, I’ll find a natural weight and size meant just for me - and that’s a huge weight lifted!

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to create a positive body image, while ridding your head of those self-defeating voices, check out the books listed below:

The Body Image Workbook: An 8-Step Program for Learning to Like Your Looks by, Thomas F. Cash, Ph.D.

Taming Your Gremlin: A Guide to Enjoying Yourself by, Richard D. Carson

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