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August 02, 2005

Hello! I AM A WOMAN!

Bb_cover_1 I spent a wonderful long weekend in Manhattan with the opportunity for retail aerobics (shopping), facials, hair appointments – or in other words, female fun-stuff.

Well at least I thought I was a female, until I visited a branch of a nationwide department store, which in my experience had always offered high quality as well as a very extensive selection of clothing in larger sizes. I felt a cold chill go down my spine as I fruitlessly wandered around looking for the “women’s sizes.” They couldn’t have succumbed to the chicanery of other department stores, hiding the plus sizes behind a pile of rocks, just to the right of the loading dock, could they?

Turns out, it couldn’t have been more of a slap in the face than if they were trying really hard to insult women of size… “go through the MEN’S STORE, and you’ll see it.” No they didn’t hide it in maternity, another common practice, this let me know that they believed there were three sexes...WOMEN (defined from size 2 to 16), MEN (obvious), and OTHER (women over size 16). Funny, my money is green, I get my hair cut at Gil Ferrer’s on the Upper East Side, facials at Mario Badescu, but apparently I’m not female enough when it comes to clothing, since I wear over a size 14. Uhm.

Now every woman that shops for clothing sizes that are more than 14 or 16 knows that their sizes are often hidden in strange locations in stores. Better stores usually place larger sizes in the women’s department and gather all the sizes together. Or you might have a Coldwater Creek store near you and were surprised and delighted to find sizes 2-24 on the same rack and in the same style, with the same choices.

If we all know this, let’s demand size parity! I did find one article about this, by Marta Hummel of The News-Record, Greensboro, North Carolina, titled Plus Size Frustration describing conditions worse than what I experienced. But it was the only article I could find – let’s rally the troops, and get some good looking, fairly priced clothes in the women’s department. We can start by taking this survey about plus sized clothing - let your voice be heard by those that we spend our money on.

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