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August 23, 2005

Fat - to Eat or Not to Eat.

Photo by Byron Crawford,
The Courier-Journal

I recently came across this article, about a woman that was denied insurance for being "overweight" in 1923 who is now celebrating her 100th birthday.

It appears that the insurance agent didn't have any respect for her size - 160 pounds - or her eating habits - "She is still eating sausage fried on the same GE electric range -- and eating ice cream that she keeps in the same GE refrigerator -- that she got in the mid-1940s when her home was wired for electricity." Her daughter-in-law remarks, "she's always loved the fat meat." It would appear that the insurance agent missed the boat.

I'm not suggesting that everyone have double portions of fat back at every meal, I do think that this tale shows that being so obsessed about fat grams in anything that might touch our lips doesn't necessarily mean what we've been led to think it means - avoiding fat in food doesn't mean life-everlasting (and the proverbial "gold star") nor does imbibing fat mean instant death, immediate arterial clogging, or condemnation to the nether regions.

In fact, it appears that women can be helped from ingesting the right kinds of fats - here's a short list of conditions that can be alleviated with diets higher in Omega 3's (the kinds of fats found in salmon, flax seed, walnuts, etc)

  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Fatigue
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Joint pain

A Fit Briefing article, "Fats of Life" discussed the idea of adding fat for health and satiety:

"Other research suggests that eating patterns that include moderate amounts of monounsaturated fats may also help us lose and keep off excess body fat. One reason seems to be that people feel more satisfied with the foods they are eating, largely because of the flavor. Fat also appears to help us manage hunger better, possibly because it causes the body to produce the satiety hormone cholecystokinin."

So think twice before you turn down something just because you think it's "fat" or as we tend to call it "fattening," it might help you out live your insurance agent.


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I can't give up eating junk food at the same time I can't afford to gain more weight. I'm already 65 kgs. Doctors say I'm being over weight. :(

Posted by: Mishal | Jan 4, 2006 6:11:26 AM

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