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August 09, 2005

Channel Surfing


Okay, okay. I admit it! I got sucked into the void of Infomercial Land!

I got hooked by slogans like, "lose weight effortlessly!" and "no more cravings!"

Just before I went into a media trance, I caught myself and thought, "When did listening to my cravings become a bad thing?"

Here's what happened - by listening to the media - I started up all the "old tapes" that used to play in my head continuously. You know the ones? "I'm not smart enough - pretty enough or thin enough" Then I smiled. And thought,  "I don't need to hear the constant yammering of the television to tell me whether or not I'm a healthy woman. I can trust myself and my own body to do so. I can change my thinking." Take a look at the Fitbriefing on Lose the Dead Weight  It's not just extra pounds but the baggage in our minds that needs to change.

My help never came from a fad - or an informercial - it was a process. With much support, (from Green Mountain I might add) I realized that through an attitude of "mindfulness" I could trust my body to tell me when I was hungry, how much is enough and when I was satisfied. And when I needed emotinal support, it was okay to ask. I also realized that moving my body could be pleasurable, and not just about weight loss. I felt better honoring all of me, which helped me onto to the rest of the "process".

Just as important, I realized that I was a bright, funny (okay, goofy) conscientious woman who just happened to be larger than the societal ideal. Once I accepted myself, my belief system changed and a much more positive me came through.

We are all individuals. We have different needs, hopes and dreams. Instead of letting another, Bob Barker, Jr., tell you they have the "cure for your life" realize it's not "behind door number three!" YOU have the strength to change YOURSELF.

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