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August 10, 2005

A Wristband for All of Us

My children started wearing the Armstrong Foundation “LiveStrong” yellow bracelets a while ago, and now at various times have a rainbow of bracelets adorning their arms.  There are a number of very worthwhile organizations selling similar bracelets as fundraisers (the bracelets that are sold for pure profit are easy to discern – they aren’t associated with any organization).  Recently, a new band has been introduced that I thought would appeal to many of us reading this blog.

It’s a “Love Your Body” wristband sold by a plus-size clothing site Big on Batik with the website url www.love-your-body.org.  (It also sells some lovely clothing.)  The wristbands come in a variety of colors and cost $3 each, $1 of which goes to size-positive organizations that are there for the sole purpose of fighting size discrimination and helping people feel better about themselves.

If you check out the wristbands, be sure to read down further on the page.  There’s a great introduction on the importance of loving your body that says,

“Belief is an incredibly strong persuader. If you believe your body is bad for your health, then you open the door for that notion to become a reality. If you believe that your body is precious and provides the vehicle for you to experience life regardless of size, then you open the door to a wealth of positive possibilities.”

Following that are links to various articles that give tips on how to start loving your body.  One points out the Love Your Body Day campaign sponsored by the National Organization for Women Foundation.    This year, it’s October 19.   If we all start now practicing the tips for loving our bodies, we may find ourselves in a much better place by then!

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