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June 21, 2005

Déjà Vu – Low Carbohydrate Foods Ain’t Where It’s At

Here’s a news flash straight from the pages of last week’s USA Today:  the many low-carb foods on the market are creating problems for people who are trying to lose weight!  They’re ‘eating too many of these new low-carb protein bars, muffins and brownie mixes, which are low in carbohydrates but often high in calories.”  Who wudda thunk it? 

Of course, it was predictable – after all, we went through the same experience with foods that had been reduced in fat when reducing fat was all the rage.  But whether you’re talking about foods that have been reduced in carbs, fat or otherwise modified to serve the latest diet, none are a substitute for good, old-fashioned healthy eating – that contains all the naturally low fat and healthy carbohydrate foods you’d want.  Look at Canada’s ‘rainbow’ guide for a little different take on the subject. 

And next time you’re choosing between a protein bar and a sandwich, try the sandwich.  It has a lot more going for it nutritionally – and it tastes better, too!

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