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April 18, 2005

The Truth About Women

Regardless how you arrived here, you possess one thing in common with every
other woman who's made the same journey - you're looking for a voice of
reason...some simple truths.  Starting with, can I really find a safe way to
lose weight and keep it off?  Will I feel good again?  Can I just do
it...and what is 'it' anyway?

The truth about women and their weight?  Well, simply put - we're all
different. Women require a diverse approach and a new language, frank and
honest. We all know women view the world differently from men. Our values,
the goals we set for ourselves and the way we define success is unique unto

These truths are most profound when looking at improving our health and
fitness. Everyday millions of women from all over the world seek solutions
in relationship to their weight, fitness and overall well-being. Are the
answers are out there? Do we dare believe in solutions - or are we being set
up to accept one more health myth, diet shaman or fitness fanatic's
insatiable search for fame and fortune. 

Join us on the journey...grab my hand and I'll take yours. With a little luck, we'll have

a few laughs, breathe deep and begin to feel like ourselves again.

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