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March 28, 2007

Healthy Eating & Maple Sugaring Time

Maple_syrup_buckets It’s finally spring, and much too nice today to write about anything serious.  After the long winters that Vermont enjoys (yes, enjoys – but now it’s time to move on!), spring is a welcome change heralded by quickly disappearing snow and maple sugaring time.  The season’s chilly evenings and warm days make the sap start running, and maple syrup producers running after it.

Maple syrup is one of nature’s sweet treats that’s really special.  If all you’ve had is the fake kind you get in the grocery store, you’re in for an experience.  We serve locally-made syrup at Green Mountain (over yummy whole grain pancakes), and everyone loves it.  Although it’s made of simple carbohydrates, eaten along with more complex foods like whole grains, fruits, yogurt and other foods that can make up a healthy breakfast, maple syrup is a wonderful addition to a healthy eating plan.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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